Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Super Boy Pledge

When you're a parent, you often feel like you're walking across a minefield in your own living room.  Nighttime is particularly hazardous--who knows what jagged legos are waiting to pierce your naked foot?

Despite the aesthetic allure of adding a little color to some of our empty wall space, I really do prefer that Reese's nail polish stay on her nails...

And it would be nice to step in a bathtub free from mermaid accouterments.  (It would also be nice if the water in the bath stayed in there, rather than looking like the "splash zone" at Sea World after Shamu's big finish).

However, Emaley has pointed out more than once that when the kids are grown, we'll miss having all of these little "reminders" of them around the house.  Legos on the floor, after all, mean Keenin's been busy exercising his mad imagination; and I have to admit I'll miss hearing Reese's voice echoing out of the bathroom while she performs her rendition of Ariel's "Part of Your World" with that cute little contrived vibrato she shoves onto every note.

One of these reminders happened today and it inspired me to add a long overdue post to this blog.  

Several times the kids' art paper has gotten mixed up with our printer paper, and I will end up with a drawing of a princess or Batman overlaid with whatever I had meant to print.  Today, that very thing happened.  I was printing something up when I happened to see drawings of stick-men super heroes cropping up with my stuff.  As I looked them over, I noticed that on the back of one of the pages was something written in pencil.  And from the shabby penmanship, I could tell it had been written by either Keenin or a tranquilized lemur.

It happened to be something written regarding the "boy club" Keenin founded, called the Super Boys, and their arch enemies, a "girl club" called the "Beauty Girls."

This is what was written:

"I pledge to the flag of the Super Boys that the Beauty Girls are stupid and dumb and that we will beat them and get their power source and crush it to pieces.  All hail Martian Manhunter."

Reading this reminded me of another little boy and his "club"...